At Cornerstone, we offer a large range of services in Concrete and Carpentry. We provide services like Footings, Block, Flatwork, and Decorative Concrete. Our Carpentry Division offers expert framers and a team of certified installers of ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms) and SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). 

ICFs and SIPs are building materials which create a high performance or high energy structure that minimally impacts the environment, as opposed to conventional stick-frame building. Discover how the combined use of these products, with our building techniques, will work for you by saving time, money and improving your overall health. 




Regular & Decorative Concrete

Concrete can be utilized in almost any form, texture, and color to boost the appearance of a building and its functional structural requirements. Cornerstone has specialists that offer surfaces ranging from smooth to rough textures in a spectrum of colors; from the icy blue of quartz through delicate pastels, to the deep reds of aggregate. 




Block & ICF Foundations

At Cornerstone, we “do concrete right”. The time and intention of each project are considered, from beginning to the end. Whether laying block or installing ICF's we recognize that building techniques are essential to the rest of your project. So, we ensure that the right people are included on the job to complete each project with precision. 



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SIPs and ICFs are sustainable/green building materials that allow architects, engineers and designers to create structures that use fewer natural resources, are more energy efficient, sustainable, and have long-lasting value. These are but a few of many reasons Cornerstone is a certified installer of these products. We are one of the top, qualified companies in the country that specializes in these areas.

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Working with Cornerstone


"Words cannot describe how thankful we are for you and your team. From the moment we met the Cornerstone team, we knew you were the one to hire for our project... We feel so blessed to have had Cornerstone work on our home and we recommend your team to everyone we meet."

- Steve & Nancy H., Ramsey MN

"We love the sidewalk.... No water pooling and freezing, and the exposed aggregate gives it better grip. The extra width of both front and side steps, and the different configurations on the side, make a ton of difference as we enter and leave.                                              - Jeanne, St. Louis Park MN


“I highly recommend Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc. as your ICF and flatwork sub, particularly if you are a first-time ICF builder. The guidance and attention to detail given by Kelly and his crew, will bring trouble-free success to your ICF projects and their efficiency will be good for your bottom line."

—Donal S. Kotoski - Providence Homes, Inc.

"Cornerstone Custom Construction is a company with talent, vision and the ability to make things happen. Thanks boys, for all the good work. You make my job a little easier." 

—Dan Knight - Fine Line Homes, Inc.