Our customers have come to expect Cornerstone's ultimate performance in the commercial construction we offer, including ICF and SIP building methods.  We specifically focus on the following areas:

  • Tenant Build Outs & Improvements:
    • Demo, steel studs, and drywall
    • Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
    • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)  
  • Full Concrete, Interior & Exterior:
    • All concrete surfaces, including various Decorative, Stamped, Exposed Aggregate, and Colored concrete
    • Flatwork, Footings, Custom Stoops 
  • Foundations & Above Grade Work Including:
    • Block and high performing ICFs and SIPs

For almost two decades, we've focused on researching and testing the latest in high performance, innovative construction technologies and processes. This helps us best serve our customers while supporting our contractors and architects with efficient and cost-effective expertise, materials and methods.

We are proud to employ some of the finest and experienced craftsmen in the industry. Many of our office and field personnel have over 25 years of industry experience.  Our hard-earned reputation for integrity, quality work, and customer service has been proven in client and contractor planning sessions and on the job site.  



Technical Specs for ICFs

This is why we work with
Fox Block and Amvic for ICFs 

ICFs Fox Block
CAD for Amvic ICF 

Technical Specs for SIPs

This is why we work with these manufacturers.                       

Extreme Panel SIPs  EPS Buildings SIPs

AIA Continuing Training

Get training on designing for ICFs through Amvic or SIPs through The Continuing Architect.

ICF Training Course
SIP Training Course


Local Firm, Champlin, MN






At Cornerstone, we recognize that construction "done right" requires continuous improvements, instituting the most advanced techniques and applied technologies in the way we build. 


As a full-service Concrete & Carpentry Subcontractor, we not only complete each project as promised, but we successfully navigate any problems our teams encounter on a project. 


Dog Spa & Hotel, Orono, MN

G-DogSpa Commercial

G-DogSpa 25 Commercial




The heart and soul of Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc. is the process of taking individual components, adding skilled craftsmanship and management to construct value. We consider effective team work, consistent quality, and timely performance of paramount importance to our success at Cornerstone. We know that beyond meeting the needs of each unique project, our work also represents each of our customers and their reputations.



MN Camp Resort


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