Concrete and Carpentry

Our Concrete and Carpentry Divisions are second to none. Often, we are asked what sets us apart from our competition. The answer is simple. Every customer gets the same level of superb service, outstanding communication, and attention to detail throughout the scope of their project. Each element is monitored, from beginning to end, to ensure that our customers get the best possible results.

Technical Specs for ICFs

Partnering Manufacturers: We use only the finest in industry products.



Technical Specs for SIPs

Partnering Manufacturers:

Extreme Panel



AIA Continuing Training

Amvic has design training for ICFs and SIPA uses The Continuing Architect for SIPs training.

ICF Training Course

SIPs Training Course




We take pride in our work, but what makes us your best choice? At Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc. , we lead the industry in quality by paying attention to the tiniest details, all of which make your project perform the best for you. A scout goes out ahead of time to ensure that each job site is in the right condition before the project begins. This eliminates additional change orders and extra cost to our customers. Our crews include ACI certified finishers who can look at a site and examine for potential problem areas that will need extra finesse. Having educated employees allows Cornerstone to offer quality that is unmatched in the construction industry.


Often, horror stories about the condition of a job site surface in conversations when people reminisce about an instance they have experienced. Cornerstone only employs professionals who take great pride in their work environment and are aware of how they affect the surrounding community. Our teams are also extremely conscious of the condition of every project. They demonstrate respect for each customer by ensuring that projects are done in a timely and efficient manner. 









The Carpentry Division at Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc. is known for quality craftsmanship and utilizing only the best products to build high-performance structures. From every cut to the cleanliness of the job site, our crews provide the ultimate outcome for every customer.


As certified installers of ICFs (Insulated Concrete Forms), Cornerstone's carpentry team pays attention to even the smallest details in every project. They go far beyond pouring concrete into the forms correctly; they consider each element, like how the windows will be set and how the build will be trimmed out. The goal is to maximize the energy efficiency of the structure which requires meticulous attention, down to the finest feature.


Cornerstone’s track record is undeniable. Some of our customers have even become Cornerstone employees!




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