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Our Carpenters


We like to call what we do "Intentionally Designing Success!"

While our carpentry teams are skilled in custom framing, they specialize in ICF and SIP construction. This building style has its own unique requirements used in addition to the traditional building process. ICF and SIP construction methods allow our carpentry teams to be on site to perform the assembly of these unique systems. It enables them advanced knowledge of how various areas of the project will be affected, including electrical, mechanical, plumbing, drywall and other sub-trades. When requested, we are able to discuss with our builders what the different nuances to the project will look like when using ICF or SIP building methods. Our customers have come to appreciate the forethought we can offer ... this is what we mean by "Intentionally Designing Success"!

We work tirelessly on every project with the ultimate goal of meeting all of our builder's needs. At Cornerstone Custom Construction, we are committed to forging long lasting, quality relationships with every customer. We offer integrity, focus, clear communication, quality craftsmanship, and thoughtful decisions, to ensure complete success of each project.



We bridge the gap between your dream and the reality of your project. Our Carpentry Division is second to none, offering you an experienced and dedicated team that's ready to go to work for you. Through ongoing field training, the use of paneled wall & roof systems, and highly skilled laborers who specialize in custom work, we do the job right.


Cornerstone Custom Construction Inc., is proud to have a Carpentry Team that specialize in High Performance Construction, but they wouldn't be unmatched without the strong focus on our company's CORE VALUES. 



The Cornerstone Way


Be Humbly Confident

Our carpentry teams continue to train and seek better ways to perform construction, despite being hailed one of the best in the country. 

Do The Right Thing

There are always challenges in the field. The crews work tirelessly to ensure that things are going the way they are supposed to, despite the occasional miscommunication or hiccup on the job site. An amazing attribute of our carpentry teams is the way they can manage areas outside of their work scope. If the electrician needs wires pulled, they do it. If the plumber needs foam that is carved out for insulation, they do it. If the sub handling the mechanical trades needs holes cut to accomplish that part of the project, they do it. Our teams at Cornerstone believe that the right thing is completing the project with a job that meets or exceeds the expectations of each customer.

Do What You Say

Cornerstone's Carpentry Division works toward end goals everyday. They actively fix mistakes, are willing to speak up when a request is given that could potentially hurt the project, and believe in delivering an end product to our customers that is complete and done right. 



Be Professional

We focus on safety and ongoing education. Our carpenters want to understand what is needed for the job and desire the ability to tackle even the most complex projects. However, part of being professional is knowing when to bow out and not engage. If our teams come across something that is beyond their skillset, they will work diligently to find a practical, cost effective solution that will ensure our customer gets the best result.



Focus on Excellence & Reputation


We strive to be positive, even when the challenges are big. Our Carpentry Division has a reputation of excellence, partly because they genuinely care about each other and creating an environment where the potential for growth is unlimited. They also care that each customer's project exceeds expectation.